Lindsay Lohan arrives in court with her mother Dina in...

Lindsay Lohan arrives in court with her mother Dina in Los Angeles. (Feb. 22, 2012) Credit: Getty Images

Ever wish you could ask Lindsay Lohan's mom what’s really going on with the actress? Now's your chance. But it comes at a hefty price.

A new website called offers "completely discreet one-on-one conversation with celebs" and Dina Lohan, as well as her ex-husband, Michael, are among the "celebs" signed up to participate.

On Thursday morning, talk show host Wendy Williams put that to the test. During her show, she used the service to call up Lindsay's mother, who, after a few rings, picked up the phone herself. Amid laughter from Williams and the audience, who couldn’t believe they actually had her on the line, Dina Lohan said Williams had reached her "at home, on Long Island."

During the brief conversation, Williams tried to hurry Lohan, since the call was adding up ($50 for the call to go through, and an additional $25 per minute after that, Williams explained to the audience before dialing).

The only newsworthy morsel of information came when Lohan addressed stories about her daughter and media reports that she was under a self-imposed “house arrest.”

Williams wanted to know if it was true Lindsay had decided to stay at home until her probation was over after a recent accident outside an L.A. club. Dina Lohan told Williams that it wasn’t her daughter's idea. "I told her not to leave the house!," Lohan said.

She went on to share that she told Lindsay she was in the home stretch and she needed to stay home until it was over.

Dina Lohan said her motivation for signing up to the project was to clear up rumors and gossip about her family herself.

See the video from "The Wendy Williams Show" by clicking here.

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