Credit: James Carbone

A Yorkshire terrier was rescued in North Amityville on Sunday along with most of her puppies after she gave birth in her owner’s backyard and then became stuck under a shed, police said.

Suffolk police received a 911 call from an Adrian Court home just after 10 a.m. saying a dog and her six newborn puppies needed help getting out from under the shed.

The owner, Dominique Baptiste, had let the dog out in the backyard and she went under the shed and gave birth.

“Honestly, we thought she ran away,” she said. “We were going crazy.”

Emergency Service officers responded and lifted the shed using air bags, police said. They removed the puppies. Four of the six had survived.

“I’m excited. I’m happy,” Baptiste said, adding, “It’s a good day and we have really good cops out here.”

The residents, who own both parents of the pups, were taking the mother and puppies to a veterinarian Sunday morning, police said.

Dominique Baptiste, 24, comforts Zoey, and her four puppies inside...

Dominique Baptiste, 24, comforts Zoey, and her four puppies inside her North Amityville home after they were rescued by First Precinct officers and emergency service officers after they became trapped underneath a shed in the backyard of their home on Adrian Court in North Amityville around 10:53 a.m. on Sunday, March 12, 2017. The puppies father, a shitsu, is seen left. Credit: James Carbone