Credit: YouTube / New York State Governor's office

There’s a new top dog in Albany.

Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo introduced Captain, a 14-week-old puppy and the newest addition to his administration, at a news conference Monday.

Cuomo said his daughters pleaded for the puppy, a Siberian and German shepherd mix with a “little Malamute in him.”

“This was the idea of my daughters, who had to have a puppy, had to have a puppy. They are nowhere to be found now,” Cuomo said, as Captain squirmed in his arms. “Dad has the puppy.”

The governor’s daughters also picked the dog’s name, Cuomo said, adding that he would have preferred “Excelsior,” the state’s motto.

Cuomo said he’s lost a little sleep house-training the puppy, but Captain seems to be making good progress so far.

“He keeps me up all night, that dog,” Cuomo said. “It never fails, and he has a howl that you can hear through the whole house when he has to go.”