This will be a holiday season like none before, capping off a year like no other. What better way to get families into the ho-ho-ho spirit than through play? “This year has been so stressful for kids and adults alike, so toys that help kids keep active and moving, while also helping them manage their stress and stay calm are key,” says Laurie Schacht of Westbury, the Chief Toy Officer for The Toy Insider, a consumer guide for parents. Here are some of the most fun selections for 2020. 

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Cave Club Dino/Doll

Credit: Mattel

Mattel's Cave Club Dino/Doll is a combination toy that includes a doll and her rideable dinosaur. It also includes food pieces to feed the T-Rex and hair accessories to use on the doll or the dinosaur; for ages 4 and older; $39.99 at

Animatronic Baby Yoda

Credit: Hasbro

New from Hasbro's "Star Wars" collection is the Child Animatronic Edition (aka Baby Yoda). Pat his head and he makes more than 25 sounds and motion combinations and his eyes open and close. Includes robed figure and Mandalorian pendant. For ages 4 and older; $59.99 at Hasbro also offers a talking plush version for ages 3 and older for $24.99.

Kidizoom Creator Cam

Credit: Vtech

The Kidizoom Creator Cam from VTech lets kids create their own videos using an included green screen and more than 20 animated backgrounds including broadcasting the weather. The table tripod doubles as a selfie stick; the camera includes a built-in microphone and on-screen editing capabilities; for ages 5 and older; $59.99 at

Little Live Pets Lil Dippers

Credit: Moose Toys

Dip a Little Live Pets Lil Dippers from Moose Toys into water, and the fish swims right out into its new home. It moves around a fishbowl until the owner switches the battery-operated pet off for a rest. Kids can even feed it; for ages 4 and older; $12.99 by

Dino Patroller Vehicle

Credit: Spin Master

"No job is too big, no pup is too small!" Join your favorite "Paw Patrol" pals on an epic dino mission. Set includes one Chase figure, one dinosaur figure, one dino patroller vehicle and two projectiles. For ages three and up; $53.99 at

#UpsideDownChallenge Game

Credit: Vango Toys

The #UpsideDownChallenge Game from Vango Toys turns the world upside down. Don the glasses and pick a challenge card and try to accomplish simple tasks like writing your name or connecting the dots; for ages 8 and older; $19.99 by


Credit: Moose Toys

Squeakee from Moose Toys is a bright red, interactive dog that looks like he's made from balloon twisting. He makes more than 60 sounds and movements, including barking, walking and sitting. Kids can pop and reinflate him; for ages 5 and older; $59.99 by

Mealtime Magic Maya

Credit: Spin Master

Mealtime Magic Maya is so lifelike, you'll feel like you're taking care of a real baby. She reacts to different foods, laughs, smiles and even gets a little fussy when she's tired. For ages four and up; $58.99 at

The Animal

Credit: Spin Master

The Animal claws it's way out of it's own package, unboxing itself! The retractable claws hidden in the wheels allow The Animal to claw and climb over obstacles and different terrains. For ages four and up; $39.99 at


Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous Epic Roarin' Tyrannosaurus Rex

Credit: Target

Dinosaur fans will love this roaring Tyrannosaurus Rex from "Jurassic World." For ages four and up; $39.99 at

FAO Schwarz Giant Piano Dance Mat

Credit: Target

Let them make music as they dance on this giant piano dance mat inspired by the classic FAO Schwarz piano; $39.99 at Target.

Courtney Doll, Book & Accessories

Credit: American Girl

Courtney Moore is a California girl who loves playing video games. This American Girl doll will bring you back to the rad decade of the '80s. For ages eight and up; $140 at

Hands Full

Credit: WowWee

Think Twister using a shared handheld wheel instead of a mat. The goal of the interactive family game Hands Full from WowWee is to accomplish challenges such as jumping, dancing and more without being the one to let go. Can be played solo or with up to four players. For ages 8 and older; $24.99 at

Grouch Couch

Credit: Spin Master Games

Roll the die, place that number of treats on the cushions of the Grouch Couch from Spin Master Games and press the remote-control button. The couch will eat the treats and grumble, chomp or burp, and then spit out lost goodies like a missing sock or old popsicle stick. The player with the most goodies when the Grouch Couch plays his victory song wins; for ages 5 and older; $19.99 at

Just Play Blue's Clues & You! Peek-a-Boo Plush


Play peek-a-boo with Blue and Magenta. (Blue and Magenta plush sold separately) For ages two and up; $24.99 at

Apollo Game

Credit: Buffalo Games

Older tweens and teens work together on the Apollo game from Buffalo Games, inspired by NASA moon missions. One player acts as Mission Control and the others are the astronauts; roll dice in order to resolve flight issues, repair systems and complete experiments. For ages 12 and older; $29.99 at Target.

Design & Drill Bolt Buddies

Credit: Educational Insights

As families become more concerned with sustainability, the Design & Drill Bolt Buddies set from Educational Insights uses the packaging as part of the toy as it transforms into a playset. The drill kit teaches simple construction and engineering skills to build a truck, rocket or race car; for ages 3 to 7; $29.99 for the truck and $24.99 for race car or rocket at

Hatchimals Pixies

Credit: Spin Master

Let your Hatchimal Pixie fly high and see her glitterly wings sparkle. For ages six and up; $29.99 at

Face Paintoos

Credit: PlayMonster

In an era when masks put the kibosh on public face-painting, kids can do it at home with apply-and-remove Face Paintoos from PlayMonster. Each set features five wild animals, Nickelodeon characters or Disney favorites; for ages 4 and older; $9.99 to $11.99 at

VTech KidiJamz Studio


Your kids can put on a concert right from home with the VTech KidiJamz Studio. Product features 10 instrument sounds, five musical styles, three rhythms for play variety, microphone and 20 kid-friendly songs. For ages three and up ; $54.99 at

Design & Drill Bolt Buddies

Credit: Educational Insights

As families become more concerned with sustainability, the Design & Drill Bolt Buddies set from Educational Insights uses the packaging as part of the toy as it transforms into a playset. The drill kit teaches simple construction and engineering skills to build a truck, rocket or race car; for ages 3 to 7; $29.99 for the truck and $24.99 for race car or rocket at

Fresh Dolls

Credit: Fresh Dolls

The Fresh Dolls were created in 2017, but this year the faces and fashions were updated to reach a wider audience to encourage multicultural diversity in play. Dolls include Marisol, Lynette, Mia, Lexi, Ebony and Skylar; for ages 3 and older; $12.88 each at

Fire HD 10 Kids Edition Tablet

Credit: Amazon

The Amazon Fire HD 10 Kids tablet allows children to watch their favorite tv shows, movies and play interactive games. This tablet includes a kid-proof case designed to protect against drops and the device is available in a variety of colors. For ages three and up; $199.99 at

Rollin' Rovee

Credit: Mattel

The Rollin' Rovee from Fisher-Price has a light-up face and soft arms, and it comes with an interactive ball. Four modes of play grow with child's stages, from peek-a-boo to catch; for ages 6 months to 5 years; $49.99 at

Present Pets - Fancy Puppy

Credit: Target

Which puppy will you get: Princess or Kweenie? Each pup has a unique personality and gives kisses, performs tricks, shuffles her paws when she's excited and even responds to your voice. For ages five and up; $49.99 at

DC Super Friends Slammers

Credit: Warner Bros. Consumer Products

Kids will love the mystery behind this boxed toy. Open the tab, slam the box and discover which one of your favorite DC superheroes is inside. Also included are pieces to build your heroes vehicle. For ages 3 and up; $7.97 at Walmart.

Rainbow Jellies

Unbox your cloud package and reveal all 25 surprises. This DIY squishy kit allows you to mix and match to create your own Rainbow Jelly. For ages six and up; $19.99 at

Monster Jam

Credit: Spin Master

The remote controlled Monster Jam truck can conquer any terrain from water to gravel. For ages four and up; $44.99 at

L.O.L. Surprise! Clubhouse Playset

Credit: Target

Now your L.O.L. Suprise! dolls can hangout at their very own clubhouse. Set includes 40-plus surprises in the hangout spot and two exclusive dolls - an L.O.L. Surprise! doll and a boy doll. For ages four and up; $49.99 at

Batman 3-in-1 Batcave Playset

Credit: Spin Master

Help Batman fight crime and keep Gotham City safe with this Batcave playset. Set includes Batcave and Batman figure. For ages four and up; $44.99 at