Have you and your family ever had a problem with your electronic device's battery level running low with little to no place to recharge? Last year on a family trip to Costa Rica, my family was concerned about running out of battery power on our electronics before our flight ended, leaving us with nothing to do but sit still.

We wouldn't have had this problem if we owned a Justin Round Power Stick or Justin Power Bank (with built-in stand) by Innovative Technology. These handy items can recharge your Apple, Samsung, BlackBerry and other electronic devices. This is not a gadget you can pick up last minute because the power stick takes about six hours to be fully powered and the power bank takes about eight hours. Although it takes a while to charge, it is still worth the money. The power stick can recharge your phone 100 percent while the power bank can recharge your phone three times.

This is a great item for camping, traveling or any other place where you cannot get to a power source.


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