Super Soccer Stars, which offers digital soccer classes for kids,...

Super Soccer Stars, which offers digital soccer classes for kids, will offer a demo class during the All Kids Fair on Nov. 8. Credit: Super Soccer Stars

Kids and parents can visit a petting zoo, see a magic performance, and even attend a soccer clinic all virtually during the 10th annual All Kids Fair on Nov. 8.

About 4,000 people attended the annual fair in Melville in 2019, and organizer Barbara Kaplan is hoping that many of them will stop by this year’s fair, which will happen online due to COVID-19.

More than 30 exhibitors plan to showcase their offerings for families during the live, interactive event from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. at Visiting and chatting with exhibitors is free, but to attend the more than 30 classes throughout the day, the cost is $10 per device. The majority of the classes are geared to children, but a few are for parents.

"I wanted to reproduce as much of the All Kids Fair as I can. I couldn’t do a bounce house. That’s the one thing I really had to cut," Kaplan jokes. On the other hand, exhibitors from as far away as California who offer virtual programming for children are able to participate, she says.

Here are five things families can do at the virtual fair this year:

Meet a mini-donkey: Families will meet a mini-donkey named Daffy that "looks exactly like a full-size donkey, but it’s the size of a German shepherd," hens whose poofy, ornamental feathers look "like an '80s haircut," and other animals including goats and bunnies, says John Meyer of Long Island Pony Parties and Petting Zoo in Medford. Three one-hour shows will take place at 11:30 a.m., 1 p.m. and 2:30 p.m. The live video stream will be led by an educator who will explain, for instance, details about the goats’ diets and length of life. "The kids can type questions and she’ll answer them on camera," Kaplan says.

Learn about Wall Street: Kids will be introduced to "who and what is Wall Street" during three 30-minute classes at noon, 1:30 p.m. and 3 p.m., says Annaline Dinkelmann, owner of Teach Me Wall Street. "Wall Street is a street in New York City but it’s also a symbol of the financial services industry," says Dinkelmann, whose company has pivoted from offering in-person extracurricular classes in Manhattan to online courses open to children everywhere.

Be amazed by magic: Magician Dennis Kyriakos, who is based in California, offers virtual magic shows for kids’ birthday parties, bar and bat mitzvahs and other milestone celebrations and corporate events. He’ll be doing close-up sleight of hand tricks at 2 p.m. for about 25 minutes and leave time for a question-and-answer session. "It’s a really interactive, fun program," Kyriakos says. For instance, Kyriakos can guess a card that a viewer has chosen, even though he’s not in the same room.

Attend a soccer clinic: Super Soccer Stars offers digital soccer classes for kids. "The idea is turning the living room into a soccer field," says Eliza Harvey, part of the marketing team. Kids can use a soccer ball or any kind of ball, even a pair of balled-up socks, Harvey says. A goal can be a box, or two shoes set up against the wall, she says. Kids will learn some of the basics of stretching, shooting and passing at this noon class.

Get tips on having a healthy home: Former home economics teacher Janice Imbrogno of Wantagh will be leading a one-hour session for parents at noon. "I’m going to be teaching a class on having a nontoxic, healthy home for your children," says Imbrogno. "A lot of us don’t question, we walk into Walmart or Target and pick up whatever’s on the shelf." Imbrogno will talk about how to use cleaning alternatives including white vinegar, baking soda and peroxide. "You can use these basic things to clean everything in your house," she says. She will also lead a separate class at 2 p.m. introducing parents to using essential oils.


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