On our trip into Manhattan, we stopped by FAO Schwarz. Upstairs there is the Astro Kids Mining Company. If you like digging in the dirt and looking for cool rocks, geodes, gems and fossils, this is the place to be. There are lots of gems, birthstones, geodes, rocks, crystals, dinosaur bones, insects and many more. Everything there is really cool. It's also designed inside like a mine. It has wood beams on the ceiling and you can watch videos of people mining. The sales people were very friendly and taught us a lot about mining.

A geode is a type of rock with crystals in it. We were allowed to crack one open and the crystals were our favorite color, blue. There were rocks made of copper. They were really heavy and we couldn't believe how hard they were to hold.

The insects were in glass. The sales people say at night the insects crawl out and hang in the museum overnight. Butterflies were on the wall and in glass. We learned that scorpions have less poison than a tarantula. There were also skeletons of birds and a tiny dinosaur. We also discovered crystals, gems and birthstones. Lailaa's birthstone is a sapphire because she was born in September. Her favorite gem is the garnet because of its shapes. The shape is a circle or rectangle.

We had a really good time. One of our favorite parts was when we saw how colorful the butterflies were.

You should stop by and enjoy the same adventure we did! There are so many great rocks and gems FAO Schwarz is at 767 Fifth Ave. Call 212-644- 9400, or go online: fao.com