Michael Mennette enjoys driving his ATV.

Michael Mennette enjoys driving his ATV. Credit: Mennette family

I love to ride my ATV (all-terrain vehicle) because it gets your adrenaline flowing. I started ATVing when I was 3 — my dad would take me out with him. When I go now, I always have either my friends or family with me. Every sport is better when you share it with someone.

It’s important to wear safety equipment when you go out. I wear a chest protector, a neck brace, helmet, gloves, boots and specially made riding clothing. That way, if there is an accident, I am well protected.

ATVing makes me very happy. I do it every Sunday from 1 p.m. to 7 at night. The sport is very dangerous, and with riding comes wisdom, so you need to learn from someone with off-road experience. There are many tracks you can go to, so I advise you to use one of them and not trespass on someone else’s property.

In the beginning, you can get a lower-powered ATV to learn the basics. Once you have mastered the basics, you can ride a bigger and more powerful vehicle.

Sue Casey, Debbie Dombrowski, Heather Mason and Kerstin Murphy’s seventh- and eighth-grade students, Jonas E. Salk Middle School, Levittown