Credit: Kidsday staff artist / Olivia Osbourne, Wheatley Heights

Have your parents ever thought of moving and had a tough choice of buying a big house with a small backyard or a small house with a big backyard? Which would you choose?

We surveyed 328 kids and found out which one they prefer. Here are our results:

Big house, small backyard: 206

Small house, big backyard: 122

We asked a few kids what they voted for and their reasons. One student said she chose a big house and a small yard because she wouldn't need a big backyard in the winter. Another student said she chose a big house with a small yard because she can make an indoor backyard.

For those kids who wanted a big backyard, here were a few reasons:

One kid said he could play a lot of sports close to home. Another student said she would love to have five soccer fields, five pools and three hot tubs in a big backyard. Finally, one boy said he would rather play outside than inside.

We think kids like the big house, but if they had their way, they would want both!

Cynthia Howe and Stefanie Murphy’s fourth-grade class, RJO Intermediate School, Kings Park