Ricky Kauget, an early childhood teacher in Nassau County, has...

Ricky Kauget, an early childhood teacher in Nassau County, has created a line of birthday cards for young children. Credit: Ricky Kauget

Early childhood educator Ricky Kauget, 60, of East Rockaway, works doing home visits with kids who need early intervention services. She wanted to give each of them a birthday card on their special days that could engage them in conversation, so she created individual ones for each child.

“It got such a great response that I started this business called Card Stories,” says Kauget, who now has a line of 12 birthday cards designed for young children sold at the Long Island Children’s Museum in Garden City and at etsy.com/shop/cardstoriesstore. Her daughter, Jamie, 35, illustrates the cards for her.

“When I was looking at cards for children, I’d see a card with a mouse holding a balloon saying, ‘Yay, you’re 3,’” Kauget says. What can a child say about that? Kauget thought. Her cards, she says, have scenes that enable kids to think about the photo and answer questions. “One of the first ones I made, it had a giraffe with a high neck coming out of a train. There was a tunnel coming up. I asked the child, ‘What do you think the giraffe is thinking? He said, ‘Duck!’” Though that card isn't in the collection, it launched Kauget on her way.

Her cards, which sell for $2.50 each or a pack of 12 for $30, include themes such as farm, jungle, dinosaurs and more. She began selling the cards in 2015. “It’s really been a process,” she says of developing the line. She’s added a card congratulating a child on going potty and one noting a child becoming a big brother or sister.