I loved the book "New Kid," by Tim Green (HarperCollins Publishers). It is an exciting baseball tale with lots of twists and turns, and I'm always wondering what will come next. "New Kid" is about a boy named Tommy Rust. He is up at bat, bases loaded, bottom of the ninth in the championship game. Suddenly, his father rushes onto the field, takes him, and again, he and his father are on the run. Tommy now goes to live in a new town, and his name is changed to Brock Nickerson.

You should read the book to find out what happens next. Why are Tommy and his father on the run, and why does he have to change his name? Be on the lookout for "New Kid" in a bookstore or library -- it doesn't matter where. Just make this book next on your list.

RATING: 5 of 5

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