"The Eye of Minds" by James Dashner (Random House) is an interesting book with a plot you can follow.

This book is about a young boy, Michael, who has spent more than half his life in the virtual play world: VirtNet. He and his two friends are some of the best gamers of their time.

The "Terrible Trio," as they are occasionally called, are contacted by the VirtNet government, which needs their help in finding a virtual terrorist named Kaine who has been hacking into VirtNet worlds and hurting people.

"The Eye of Minds" describes their journey to save the virtual world. I thought this book was fascinating to read. However, it has a couple of flaws. For example, some things are never fully explained and leave the reader feeling vaguely confused.

Otherwise, the book is attention grabbing and would be a great read for anyone between the ages of 9 and 13.

Rating: 3.5 smiles


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