Credit: Kidsday illustration / Sofia Zhiminaicela

Box lacrosse can help you in many ways. It is really good training for field lacrosse because you are in a hockey rink (without the ice); therefore, your stick skills get much better much faster.

In this fast-paced game, you race down the rink just to go running back up seconds later. Because the rink is so small, it helps you with your reflexes, your fundamentals and even your ability to make big hits feel like small taps. This will make you a better all-around player.

Box lacrosse is very popular in Canada. If you watch a Canadian field game, you would see that all of their helmets are box lacrosse helmets. The difference is that the face mask goes all the way to your ears on both sides. This gives you more vision than a regular helmet would. Also, in box lacrosse, you wear rib pads, shin guards and wrist guards. These are not mandatory but are recommended because of the contact.

I find this sport very exciting. It is my goal to learn as much as I can about the game so I can play field lacrosse even better. Check with your local lacrosse programs or skate rinks to see if there is a box lacrosse league in your town.

Valerie Hanley’s seventh-grade class, Our Lady of the Hamptons Regional Catholic School, Southampton

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