Kidsday reporter McKenna Clark visits the goats at Catapano Dairy...

Kidsday reporter McKenna Clark visits the goats at Catapano Dairy Farm in Peconic. Credit: Clark family

When people come to the North Fork, they like to go to Catapano Dairy Farm. The goats are friendly, and adults are not afraid to let kids feed and pet them. At Catapano Dairy Farm, the goats produce goat milk that can be made into yogurt, cheese and soap. The soap is perfect for people with sensitive skin.

Goats are also important for our land because they eat weeds and poison ivy. Goats can also produce over a ton of manure each year. Farmers and gardeners can use it for fertilizer. So now you know that goats are not just for petting zoos. They do so much more.

When you come to the farm, make sure you look at their best-sellers, which are Chevre, Herbed Chevre, Feta Alfresco, Summer Cloud, Creamy Sheep and Sundancer cheeses, and goat milk yogurt. Plus they will give you bus tours and will tell you more about them. Their cheese-making kitchen is open from spring through fall, so you see them make the cheese.

Catapano Dairy Farm is at 33705 North Rd., Peconic; call 631-765-8042 or go online to

Amy Brown’s fourth-grade class, Cutchogue East Elementary School