Our school has two fantastic clubs:

Ceramics club at St. Patrick School is a delight for anyone who likes to paint. At first your piece starts out plain white. However with some patience and a lot of creativity, it can become a masterpiece. We meet every Wednesday. In the first week, you will pick the ceramic piece, such as a bunny, duck, cute insect or turtle that you will work on for the rest of the time in the club. In the weeks following you will work on your piece. In the last week, you have it glazed and you get to take it home.

Another great club is our tennis club. It not only is a fun way to learn a new sport, but a great way to get some exercise, too. We learn how to play tennis and we also learn the different skills and rules of the game. The coaches give us pointers and teach us how to do different strokes and techniques.

Even when we don't get it at first, they keep showing us the right way. We have learned a lot about the sport. The tennis club meets on Fridays.


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