Kidsday reporter Charlotte Nerayoff and ceramics instructor Lillian Rokhsar, along...

Kidsday reporter Charlotte Nerayoff and ceramics instructor Lillian Rokhsar, along with Noah Nerayoff and Ethan Cohen. Credit: Nerayoff family

Ceramics at the Gold Coast Art Center in Great Neck is so much fun. You get to mold clay and make different items out of clay. You also get to go on the wheel, which shapes the clay. It is really fun to go on the wheel but it is also really fun to mold the clay with your hands. You can make pots, pitchers, bowls. If you don’t want to make the assignment you don’t have to; you are never forced to do something. You can use cool tools to make your clay look good. There are special designs that you can put on your clay. When you are done designing and molding your clay the way you like it, you put your project into a kiln so it can turn into ceramic.

When you take your clay out of the kiln it will be white and hard.

The next step is to paint your ceramics. You can paint your ceramics however you want and if you need an idea what to paint your ceramics just ask the teachers. The teachers are very creative and they will give you the best suggestions. After your paint is dry it is time to glaze.

The glaze color is pink. Make sure to get every spot on your ceramic piece so that when they take your ceramics out of the kiln your ceramics piece will be shiny. Also make sure to do 3 layers of the pink glaze. When you are done glazing your ceramics piece put your ceramics in the kiln for a few days. When your ceramics piece is ready to come out of the kiln, enjoy your ceramics.

Ceramics is a messy activity, you will need a place mat to place your clay when you are molding the clay off the wheel. I think you need to have lots of supervision while doing this!

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Jennifer Green and Renee Remi’s fourth-grade class, Saddle Rock Elementary School, Great Neck