Kidsday reporters Kerilee Vargas, left, and Iycerra Florus with the...

Kidsday reporters Kerilee Vargas, left, and Iycerra Florus with the book "Class Dismissed" by Allan Woodrow. Credit: newsday / Pat Mullooly

We read the book “Class Dismissed,” by Allan Woodrow (Scholastic). This book has 42 short and fun chapters. Each chapter has a different name. Some of the names are Kyle, Samantha, Maggie, Eric and Adam.

The story is about how all of the kids got Mrs. Bryce to quit teaching because they didn’t like her. The best part is they never let the principal know that she was gone! Then one of the students named Maggie took over her job of being the teacher in her classroom. After that the kids work so hard to keep this secret a secret. Although they play when no one is watching, they still work hard.

Here is one of the chapters in the book: Chapter 6 is titled Kyle. Kyle is in the hallway near his apartment. He is so frustrated he feels like screaming to the world that his teacher quit. It is just very funny.

So the story is all about whether the kids can teach themselves without a real classroom teacher. What do you think? Would you like to read this book and do you think this would ever happen to you? We recommend this book to everyone.

Rating: 5