Diaper Bag Dailies are compact kits that include everything you...

Diaper Bag Dailies are compact kits that include everything you need for your baby or toddler's diaper bag -- from diapers and wipes to snacks and toys. Credit: Handout

There are many things I've mastered since becoming a mom: multitasking, the art of pretend play, patience. The one thing I still can't grasp is the diaper bag.

Leaving the house with a baby requires so much preparation that sometimes things  slip my mind. I'm the mom at the mall who forgot to bring a change of clothes for her daughter who spilled milk all over herself, or who forgot to pack baby wipes the day we took her to the aquarium.

Maybe I forget to pack the essentials because I'm so focused on things like snacks and toys to keep her entertained.

So you can imagine how thrilled I was when I stumbled upon diaperbagdailies.com, a subscription-based website offering pre-packaged kits that fit into your diaper bag, and provide essential diapering, feeding, changing and soothing items for your baby or toddler.

There are eight varieties (Crib Sheets, Potty Training, Sun & Swim, Organic, etc.), and each kit includes a suitcase with a mix of reusable items such as teething rings and onesies as well as daily items like diapers, wipes, diaper cream -- even snacks. You can easily replenish the daily items by setting up an automatic refill that can be sent to you as often as you need, plus you can personalize it based on your child's needs (for example, diaper size and brand, formula, milk and more).

The founder and mother of two, Jennifer Roh, used her experience and lessons learned to create a compact kit that has everything you need  on the go.

"We called the basic kit 'Crib Sheets' because it's like a cheat sheet for your diaper bag," she said. "It saves us so much time and worry; so far I am my own best customer."

The everyday kit starts at $30; refills $7 on diaperbagdailies.com