Kidsday reporter Joseph Buono with his parents, Matthew and Jennifer,...

Kidsday reporter Joseph Buono with his parents, Matthew and Jennifer, dressed as pirates on a Disney cruise. Credit: Buono family

Ahoy, matey! In 2017, my family and I started a tradition of taking a Disney cruise each summer.

One of my favorite parts of the cruise is Pirate Night. Before dinner, my parents and I head to a boutique on the ship for our scheduled appointment. At the boutique, the fun begins as my mom, dad and I are turned into pirates. First, you must take the pirate oath. Next, you are given your pirate name. I was given the name Johnny Wavewrecker. After this, you get to choose your pirate costume. Choices include Jack Sparrow, Captain Hook and Bony Pirate. Once you are dressed, a veteran pirate applies your face makeup. Finally, you are off to dinner.

At dinner, all of the waiters are dressed as pirates. Your menu looks like a pirate treasure map. After dinner, your family can have their picture taken by a photographer. You can also take your picture with the Disney characters, like Mickey, Daisy and Goofy, all dressed as pirates. The night ends with fireworks and a Pirate Dance Party with the Disney characters. Captain Jack Sparrow even makes an appearance.

The only part I don’t enjoy is taking all the makeup off when I return to my room at the end of the night. Shiver me timbers!

Emily Cole and Kathy Devine’s fourth-grade class, Waverly Avenue Elementary School, Holtsville