Kahoot is the latest interactive website that kids are playing. Kahoot has multiple uses such as making up quizzes, surveys and games. This website allows you to challenge and play against your friends. Anyone can create a fun and educational Kahoot. The best part about Kahoot is that it is free.

The Kahoot website is getkahoot.com and before you can play, each person needs to register.

There are three different activities you can create on Kahoot. You can create quizzes, discussions, and surveys. Making up your own questions helps you study for school and is fun to do with a group. Each question can have up to four answer choices. You can even add videos or pictures to questions.

When you are ready to play you need to ask your friends to sign into Kahoot. Your game will have a special game pin that everyone needs to type in to join the game. Each game has a different pin. Players can create any nickname for themselves. Players can answer on any device they have, such as computers, cellphones and tablets. If you get the question correct, you will get points and the person with the most points wins! Kahoot is an excellent interactive website -- you should try it.

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