Kidsday reporter Adriana Rando helped her family make an audition...

Kidsday reporter Adriana Rando helped her family make an audition video for "Family Feud." Credit: Rando family

Have you ever heard about the game show “Family Feud”? It is a game show hosted by Steve Harvey, who also hosts the popular TV show “Little Big Shots.”

Last October, my family auditioned for “Family Feud.” As my mom was skimming Facebook, she came across an ad that read “Auditions for Family Feud.” She got all excited and shouted, “Auditions will be in Connecticut!” She then called my two older brothers, Jason and Anthony, and my older sister, Marisa. They all agreed to audition for the show.

The first thing we had to do was create an audition video, but since my siblings all lived in different states, they had to each make their own video on why they are worthy enough to be on “Family Feud.” My parents made a video with me playing the part of Steve Harvey. I dressed up like him and even wore makeup that included a mustache! We sent the audition video to the producers, and after they watched all the entries, my family was chosen to appear in front of the producers at their studio in Connecticut.

My brothers and sister took a ferry across the Long Island Sound with my mom and dad to perform on a practice show while I stayed with my aunt because I am not old enough to participate on the show. After that, we waited for a few months and finally at Christmas, we received a letter from the producers that said we made the cut.

Even though I can’t be on the show, it has been a great experience for me to help my family with the audition video. We don’t know when we will be going to the studio in California for filming, but we are looking forward to an exciting adventure!

Eileen DeCarmine’s fifth-grade class, Laddie A. Decker Sound Beach School, Miller Place