Credit: Kidsday staff artist / Lingfei Zhao, Syosset

Have you ever been camping with family? Did you love it or did you despise it? What about going to a resort with your family? Did you love that, or did you despise that? If you liked either one with fun activities, which would you rather do? We decided to survey Sag Harbor middle schoolers to see if they would rather go camping or to a resort with their families.

We asked 21 kids in our grade to choose which one they wanted to do more. Here are our results:

Camping: 15

Resorts: 6

Whether you prefer camping or staying at a resort, they both can be a great time to spend with family. Those who prefer camping said they like to spend their time outdoors, exploring nature and animals. One thing fun about camping is you can be outdoors, swim in a lake or pond nearby and spend time with your family away from technology, which is always good.

According to the survey, some kids do not like camping because they prefer to be in a house, away from wild animals. Those who prefer resorts said they enjoy the amenities that are included such as pools, prepared food, family fun activities and are happy to have a bed and shower. We asked, “Why did you choose your answer?” Kids said, “Because camping is dirty,” “I don’t like bugs,” and “A resort is nicer than going camping in the woods where it is dirty.”

One answer stood out to us because it was very different: “I am interested in traveling the world for its natural charm, and resorts just feel a bit artificial.” For those who chose resorts, this answer changed our minds a bit, and now we would be open to going camping because we would get to see more nature than what we would see at a resort.

Eileen Caulfield and Tara O'Malley's sixth-grade class, Pierson Middle School, Sag Harbor