Dory is looking for her parents in Disney's  "Finding Dory."

Dory is looking for her parents in Disney's "Finding Dory." Credit: Walt Disney Pictures / Pixar

We went to see an advanced screening of the extraordinary movie “Finding Dory.” There were a lot of things happening at once in this film and that’s what made it interesting. In our opinion, even though it seems that it is about finding Dory’s parents, we think the movie is called “Finding Dory” because Dory is finding her true inner-self.

We all definitely liked “Finding Dory” more than “Finding Nemo. We liked it better because this film introduced more feelings to the characters. “Finding Dory” was more about Dory and who she can be if she remembers things.

Three of us had the same favorite part. We loved the part toward the end when the truck filled with fish fell into the ocean because of Hank and Dory’s crazy driving. One of us, Joey, loved when Dory was following the shells like she learned from her parents. We all loved how each character had its own special personality. We also loved how we met many new characters, along with the old ones that are now friends of Dory’s.

This movie is very inspirational because it showed many emotions and feelings. We thought it was touching how Dory kept remembering things about her family with clues along her journey to find them. After she remembered, she became very happy. We loved that many unique things about Dory came from her parents. It was also really sweet how her parents never gave up on her. We also loved that the important things her parents taught her, she remembered. Dory taught us never to give up. That is the great moral that we learned from her and you can too!

We definitely recommend this terrific movie. Two words to describe it: great and amazing. Rating 4.