A child using a "skate mate" learns how to skate...

A child using a "skate mate" learns how to skate at United Skates of America in Seaford. Credit: U.S. Skates of America

To mark October’s designation as “National Roller Skating Month,” the United Skates of America of Seaford is giving free admission to kids 14 and under for the noon-to-2:30 p.m. session on Sundays for the month of October.

“It’s just a really great opportunity for the children who’ve never roller skated before to try it and fall in love with the sport like so many children do,” says Karen Palermo, president of United Skates of America.

The session usually costs $12.50, she says.

Adds Palermo: "We have all the tools for the beginner skater: wrist guards, Fisher Price skates for the toddlers and skate mates, which are like little walkers on wheels to help the kids balance and gain confidence. It’s a really awesome tool for beginner and younger skaters.”

Kids who don’t own skates can rent them for $5, a fee that is not included in the promotion.

United Skates of Americas is located at 1276 Hicksville Rd. in Seaford. For more information, call 516-795-5474 or go to www.unitedskates.com.