Disney On Ice presents 'Frozen', a live performance of the...

Disney On Ice presents 'Frozen', a live performance of the Academy Award-winning tale, at Nassau Coliseum on Nov. 4 through Nov. 9, 2014. Credit: Feld Entertainement

About 10 minutes before the conclusion of “Disney on Ice: Frozen” at Nassau Coliseum Tuesday night, the audience exploded with boos so loud they drowned out the skaters’ dialogue.
It wasn’t that audience members hated the show — rather they were outraged that Prince Hans refused to give Princess Anna the true love’s kiss she believed would save her life.
That wasn’t the first time — or the last — that the audience erupted. When Queen Elsa belted out “Let It Go,” with snow falling from the rafters as if the ice rink were a shaken snow globe, audience members burst into song with her. And when a recovered Princess Anna punched Prince Hans in the face, the audience responded with spontaneous applause.
What’s that? This report shouldn’t be divulging so many spoilers? Come on. Anyone who is going to see “Disney on Ice: Frozen” at the Coliseum — it’s playing through Sunday — has already seen the movie so many times they know the whole story by heart.
“I can’t count how many times,” Jeff Peterson of Bayside said when asked whether he, his wife, Lisa, and their daughter Jessica, 5, had seen the film. What did he think of the ice rendition? “Fantastic,” he said.
Jessica’s favorite part was when the snow fell — she was sitting close enough to touch it. “I tried to catch it with my tongue,” she said.
Wendy and Delroy Innis of Jericho surprised their kids, Tamara, 7, and Corey, 5, with Tuesday night’s tickets. The kids came dressed as Elsa and Olaf the snowman, respectively.
And Max Richman, 15, and his brother Jake, 11, of Levittown, accompanied their mom, Lara, to the performance so she wouldn’t have to go by herself. “I love how the crowd is singing with the songs. You can just feel the amazing energy in this room,” she said.
The boys said they were impressed by the quality of the ice skating, especially when Kristoff did a back-flip.
“The performers are excellent,” Max said. Would he be mortified if his high school friends saw him at a show that entrances little girls, wearing a plastic Olaf hat that came with cotton candy? Nah. “Hashtag YOLO,” he said.


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