Actor Kel Mitchell with Kidsday reporters, from left, Olivia Madrid,...

Actor Kel Mitchell with Kidsday reporters, from left, Olivia Madrid, Olivia Guerrier, Marco Pipia and Matthew Mariniello from Dix Hills and Wheatley Heights, at the Nickelodeon offices in Manhattan. Credit: Newsday / Pat Mullooly

We met comedian and Nickelodeon “Game Shakers” star Kel Mitchell when he was at the Nick offices recently. He is probably one of the funniest people we have ever met, and he starred in one of our favorite movies, “Good Burger.”

Do you still talk to your childhood friends?

I have childhood friends from Chicago, and then I have my childhood friends on television. So which one — does that answer your question? All of them. I do. Yeah, my friends from the cast on “All That” and then also my friends in Chicago, yeah. They keep in touch

Do you ever make any of the jokes in “Game Shakers,” or do you ever improvise your own lines?

We do improvisation a lot on the show. The writers, they like to have fun. Like they’ll say, do it the way that we wrote it, like two times, and we’ll record it, and then after that they let us go. We get to improv, so that’s fun. A lot of times the improv ones are the ones that make it onto the show.

What was your favorite guest star in “Game Shakers?”

My favorite guest star in “Game Shakers”? Oh, we’ve had a lot of cool ones. Snoop Dogg was on the show, so that was fun.

Do you do a charity?

I work with the Black College Expo. I work with Make-A-Wish Foundation. And then I also just go to a lot of different schools and churches and speak to youth, kids, you guys’ age, because I think you have to give back. You have to do that and be a role model and help out. My parents got me into community theater, and after-school programs and hobbies are good for kids. You guys are doing a great hobby right now, this is awesome. This will turn into a job, reporters — that’s cool. You do a great job, yeah.

Besides “Game Shakers,” “Kenan & Kel” and the “Good Burger” movie, what other productions have you worked on?

Besides “Good Burger,” “Kenan & Kel,” well, that was all the Nickelodeon stuff. “Mystery Men” with Ben Stiller, and just a ton of stuff. I worked with many different artists and actors from Steve Harvey to Ariana Grande. I worked with a lot of people, so it’s been fun to be blessed, to still be doing it all these years. And then I have some new stuff that’s coming out that I’ve been working on with Nickelodeon, too, so look out for that.

What famous actor or actress would you like to work with who you haven’t worked with yet, and why would you choose that person?

Well, I’ve met a lot of people, like I got to sit down with Will Smith, which is really cool. But it would be cool to star in a movie with him as well. And then Angela Bassett, because I think she’s just like an amazing actress.

Do you have a celebrity crush?

My wife, that’s my celebrity crush. She’s a celebrity in my household.

What would you do besides acting, rapping and being a comedian?

I also produce. I’ve directed music videos as well. But if I wasn’t in the entertainment business, I would probably be doing something like a drama teacher or something like that with the youth because that would be pretty cool. You know, my dad was a — they’re retired now, my parents. But my dad was a psychologist and my mom was a teacher.

Since you’re a stand-up comedian, where do you do any of your shows, and are kids allowed to be at the show?

I have two different types of stand-up. I have stand-up for your parents, for like the ’90s. It’s still clean, but it’s like, I have my ’90s fans and then I also host a lot of events for kids.I do comedy as well for the kids.

Was “Good Burger” one of your favorite movies?

I had fun doing it. Was it one of my favorite movies to do? I would say the most memorable. You know what I mean, because that was like the first big one. I had done a couple of independent films and stuff like that, but nothing on that scale. So that was pretty big for me as my first big, big Hollywood movie. It was cool, like, driving down the street. I don’t know if you all seen the poster before, but that pickle that me and Kenan were, like, surfing on, it was kind of cool to see that on Sunset. It was a big cutout billboard like superheroes, like half of a building.

Do you have any siblings?

I have a little sister — well, she’s 24 now. And I have an older sister as well. So I’m the middle child.

What do you do when you’re not filming for “Game Shakers?”

I have kids, so being a dad. That’s an awesome job to have, and being a great husband as well, which is also a fun job. I work out a lot. So I work out in the morning and before I do work, so I’m really about that. And eating right and fit. I also stage manage for my church on Sundays. I like to give back at the church and help out at the church for my pastor. And wherever I’m at, I make sure I fly back so I’m there on Sunday to help out.

What are some things you do before you go on set?

I say a prayer to make sure that, you know, she’s blessed, that it’s a blessed set. And then I come out and I always tell the kids, even on “Game Shakers,” it’s a team effort. Everybody works together to make a show happen, because some actors, they’ll feel like it’s all about them. It’s family, like, it takes work to get it all done. So I make sure we all come out and make sure everybody’s happy and it’s the right energy, and just clapping hands with everybody.