Olympics mascot Vinicius rides on a Sugarloaf Mountain cable car...

Olympics mascot Vinicius rides on a Sugarloaf Mountain cable car in Rio de Janeiro. Credit: AFP / Getty Images / ALEX FERRO

Light the torch! The Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro begin on Aug. 5. The Summer Olympics are held every four years in big cities around the world. Many people go to the Summer Olympics so they can cheer for their country and watch as the best athletes in the world compete against one another.

The USA men’s basketball team has won the gold medal 14 of the 17 times it has been played. This year there are two new Olympic mascots. One for the Olympics and the other one for the Paralympics. Their names are Vinicius (a mix of different Brazilian animals) and Tom (the Paralympic mascot).

The five most popular sports in the Summer Olympics are track and field, swimming, soccer, gymnastics and basketball. In all, there are 42 sports being played at the games, from archery to wrestling.

There are about 10,500 athletes from 206 different countries participating during this 19-day event. The two newest sports are rugby and golf. These sports have returned to the Olympics after more than 90 years.

The Paralympics is just like Olympics but for people who have disabilities. We can’t wait to see who the gold medalists will be.