Credit: Kidsday staff artist / Maggie Flaherty, Merrick

Sometimes we are good students and sometimes we are bad students. Come on! We are sure everyone has been a bad student at some point. For example, we know we are bad students when we pick our noses. (Just kidding. Jeez, take a joke for once.)

All right, let’s all be serious for a moment and think, “When are we good students, and when are we bad students?” We have something you can all really relate to. For instance, we know we are bad students when we forget to study for a test. Has that ever happened to you? We also know we are bad students when we forget our homework in the classroom or in our lockers.

We know we are bad students when we fall off our chairs in the middle of a lesson. We have a question: “Have you ever fallen asleep in class?” If you have, that’s not good.

We can be good students when we try our hardest and give every assignment our all. Being a good student requires staying on task, being organized and cleaning up after ourselves. It’s not nice to leave all our messes for the janitors to clean up. We think most kids prefer to be good, but sometimes things just happen.


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