Greenport Elementary School students and staff form the Porter Pillars.

Greenport Elementary School students and staff form the Porter Pillars. Credit: Tyler Sands

Porter Pillars are a resourceful tool that our school uses to make a better environment in Greenport School. Every month focuses on a new letter with a different meaning. Porter Pillars is a representation of Pride, Organization, Responsibility, Truthfulness, Effort, Respect and Show Kindness.

December’s letter is “P” for pride. Pride means being proud of yourself and humble after winning or gaining an achievement.

January’s letter is “O” for organization. Organization means keeping things in order. Some tips our class uses to be organized are to make sure your agenda has the homework written in it, keep your class bookshelves clean, and make sure your backpack is clean and doesn’t have excess papers.

February’s letter is “R” for responsibility. Responsibility means having control over yourself. Completing your work and returning it is one way to show responsibility.

The March letter is “T” for truthfulness. Truthfulness means being honest, or else your nose will grow bigger like Pinocchio. Just kidding!

April’s letter is “E” for effort. Effort means putting time into your work. You should try hard to do your best in everything you do. Effort is an important part of our school. Trying your best is key to being an honorable student.

May’s letter is another “R” for respect. That is represented by gaining trust and the admiration of others. Gaining respect doesn’t take much: Do the right thing and make a good impression on your peers and others.

June’s letter is “S,” which means showing kindness. To show kindness means to respect others. You should be sensitive to what others need at certain times. Kindness will also make you feel good when others are happy.

Amy Gammon and Karen Gessner’s sixth-grade class, Greenport Elementary School

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