Kidsday reporter David Bailey, in blue shirt and sunglasses, with...

Kidsday reporter David Bailey, in blue shirt and sunglasses, with family members Raymond next to him and Paige and Autumn in front. They are at the Sendall Tunnel in St. Georges, Grenada. Credit: Jennifer Bailey

Waterfalls. Volcanoes. Forts. A turquoise sea with snorkeling and scuba diving. Paradise can be found in the wonderful country of Grenada. My family owns a house on Bailey Hill with all of our other relatives surrounding us. We visit Grenada every year.

My father was born on Grenada, and my grandfather owned property there. He left parcels to his 10 children, and there are now 10 families with their own homes on our hill. We go back to this beautiful island for a few weeks every year.

Grenada is a small country in the Caribbean Sea located at the bottom of the chain of islands near Venezuela. Grenada is known as a Spice Island because it is one of the world’s largest exporters of nutmeg. Nutmeg is so important to Grenada that it is featured on the Grenadian flag.

Grenada has many fun things to do. During our last trip, my family and I went river tubing. We floated down a river and over rapids. Then we got to jump off a cliff into the deepest part of the river. Next, we went into a dormant volcano that had a crater lake with giant fish. Overhead, mona monkeys were swinging around.

Grenadian athletes have won two Olympic medals — sprinter Kirani James took a gold medal for the 400-meter sprint in the 2012 London Olympic Games and a silver medal in the 2016 Rio Olympic Games. Kirani James is a very talented athlete and one of my favorites. Grenada has named a street for him out of happiness called Kirani James Boulevard. Grenada’s main two sports are cricket and soccer.

Grenada is a peaceful place and is quietly growing as tourism increases. Grenada is also a safe place to visit. It is a country that would be honored to have you visit.

Allison Krieb and Mike MacKenzie’s sixth-grade class, Longwood Middle School, Middle Island