Kidsday reporters Julia Mennella and Matthew Kunkel of Bretton Woods...

Kidsday reporters Julia Mennella and Matthew Kunkel of Bretton Woods Elementary School, Hauppauge, with their edible football field. Credit: Mennella family

We have created a big hit! We think this is a good choice for the Super Bowl because it will please your guests.

It’s a sweet and savory football field with all the things kids know and love. It is a sweet and appetizing treat all at once, from the homemade guacamole to the candies, like Twix and Snickers. It’s a great thing to have for a party with a lot of people. This massive football field looks outrageous. This is a great thing to have for a football-themed birthday party or Super Bowl snack. It’s appetizers and desserts all in one.

The savory part has pretzels, baby carrots, guacamole, tortilla chips and celery. The sweet part also has a lot of tasty ingredients, such as mini Snickers bars, Twix bars, Cool Whip, Skittles, M&M’s, gummy bears and chocolate candy melts. The sweet and savory items are a great mix, like chocolate and pretzels, or popcorn and chocolate.

For the bleachers we cut popcorn boxes on one side and folded it down. The field is made of guacamole in a pan, with sour cream as the lines on the field. We cut a bigger pan in half and used the ends at the sides of the field and filled it with Cool Whip. In the popcorn boxes on one side we did sweet items, such as candy and chocolate, and on the other side we did more healthy snacks, like pretzels and vegetables. We made little sideline benches out of Snickers and Twix bars. In the corners of the boxes we put six Pepsi cans in a triangle shape. And we’re done!

It’s a great idea when you’re out of ideas for the Super Bowl.

Tara Dungate and Veronica Weeks' fifth-grade class, Bretton Woods Elementary School, Hauppauge

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