Mr. Monopoly will be visiting Hamptons sites the week of...

Mr. Monopoly will be visiting Hamptons sites the week of June 21 when Monopoly: The Hamptons Edition is launched on the East End.  Credit: Top Trumps USA

Having your friends or family bankrupt you in the Hamptons isn’t so bad when it’s only while playing the new “Hamptons Edition” of Monopoly, which launched this summer.

Instead of the original edition’s Boardwalk and Park Place of Atlantic City, players competing in the Monopoly: The Hamptons Edition will land on the Southampton Inn, Shadmoor State Park in Montauk, Stevenson’s Toys & Games of East Hampton and Southampton and more.

“I think it will be pretty popular. Summer season everybody will want one,” predicts Roy Stevenson, owner of Stevenson’s Toys & Games. Stevenson paid to be a sponsor on a square of the game because he had always harbored a fantasy of making a Hamptons version of Monopoly himself, and because getting the store’s name on the game is good for the store’s brand recognition, he says.


The Hamptons Edition is the ninth Monopoly custom version to feature a new U.S. city and the second to feature a New York locale, says Dennis Gavaghen, marketing manager for Top Trumps USA, which is licensed to sell custom versions of the Hasbro game. The first N.Y.-based version focused on Brooklyn; Top Trumps has also released overseas city versions including Sydney and Dubai, he says.

“I think there’s a lot of pride when it comes to the Hamptons,” Gavaghen says. Choosing it to be highlighted was “a no-brainer,” he says.

The Roundtree Amagansett, another sponsor of the game with a square on the board, hosted the launch event. “We are so excited,” says Boby Harydi, general manager,“... our name is going to be on the board forever.”

The game is for sale in East End stores, in Manhattan and online for $39.95, Gavaghen says.


The game box features photos of East Hampton’s iconic Hood Windmill, the Montauk Lighthouse and other East End venues.

The board’s four corners are identical to the original game, but the other squares have been revamped. The game cards are themed, too. A Community Chest game card might say, for instance, “You win a Gift Card to spend on toys for the kids at Stevenson's Toys. Collect 100M.”

Alas, the game pieces remain the same – Top Trumps USA had wanted to offer more Hamptons-oriented tokens – say, a yacht, for instance -- but were required to stick with Hasbro’s original choices, Gavaghen says. At least there’s a race car and a top hat.