Artificial flowers sometimes get a bad rap, but arrangements by...

Artificial flowers sometimes get a bad rap, but arrangements by "PopFlorist" (and native LIer) Susan Illman are unique, artistic and perfect for moms who love flowers. . .but hate to water plants, deal with allergies or watch that sad process when the dried-up petals of an old bouquet start dropping off. Again. And again. And again. Here, red and yellow poppies in a green glass globe vase, $26; at, or you can make custom orders by e-mail ( or phone (646-643-3745). Credit: Handout

Happy Mother's Day! I'm a big advocate of the saying "everyday is Mother's Day," but I will admit it does feel a bit more special now that I'm a mom. It's my second Mother's Day and, although Maggie is only 1, it's been such a nice weekend so far. 

Jason and Maggie really took care of me today, starting off with my favorite breakfast (a scrambled egg and cheese sandwich with turkey bacon), a spa manicure and pedicure scheduled for later in the day (yes, he set up the appointment, too!) and then some quality family bonding time at the park.

The best part of the day was one of my "gifts" from Maggie. Jason helped her make a card for me, which she then scribbled on as her signature. A gift I will cherish forever!

With that, I thought it would be fun to see how your kids made you feel special on Mother's Day. Maybe they made you breakfast in bed or created a homemade card or gift just for you. Whatever your kids did to make your Mother's Day wonderful, we want to see your pictures!

Share your photos of your kids' homemade creations here.