Actor Jace Norman with Kidsday reporters, from left, Thomas Jablonsky,...

Actor Jace Norman with Kidsday reporters, from left, Thomas Jablonsky, Cade Delgado, Ava Bavlnka and Jenna Damiano. Credit: Newsday / Pat Mullooly

We took an exciting trip into Manhattan to interview Jace Norman, the star of the Nickelodeon show “Henry Danger.” Jace, 18, plays the roles of Henry Hart, as well as the superhero Kid Danger on the show. He also has a new animated series that can be seen on Nickelodeon, “The Adventures of Kid Danger.”

Will you keep acting as a career when you get older or do you have other passions you would like to pursue?

I think I have many other passions that I want to pursue, but acting is like a big part of life for a while, and I think it always will be like a part of me. I think acting is always going to be there, like an off-and-on thing that I love doing.

Do you get recognized often in public?

Yes. But I can still go out and have fun with my friends. Sometimes it becomes a problem, but for the most part it’s fine. I love meeting people, and you get to see the people who enjoy the show. That’s always very rewarding to have.

Do you like doing the voice-over show or the regular show when you’re acting, and why?

I like doing both, but I would have to say the live action is my favorite, just because you get to interact with . . . [with others and] when on set we are having fun. We are laughing with each other and we’re playing around and messing and telling jokes and making fun of each other.

How long does it take to shoot one episode?

It takes a week for one episode and . . . you have to shoot about 20 episodes. So 20 weeks of shooting.

What similarities do you have with Kid Danger?

We both think we’re cooler than we actually are, I think, is one thing I’d say.

What was it like seeing yourself on TV for the first time?

Oh, I hate watching myself on TV. It’s the worst because you just — you know when you hear your own voice, in like a recording or like a video, you’re always like, “Oh, I look terrible. I sound terrible.” You’re always critiquing yourself.

Do you do some of your own stunts on the show?

Yes, I do. I do the majority of my own stunts if it’s a fight, but for some of the crazier stuff we do, it’s usually a stunt double.

Who do you like being more — Henry Hart or Kid Danger?

I like being Kid Danger more. When you put on the superhero costume, you really become like, you feel like a superhero, and something changes in you. It’s custom-fit to my body, so it’s really fun to get into that, pretend for a little bit that you’re a superhero.

Do you have a favorite author that you like to read?

Do you guys know who Rick Riordan is? He wrote the “Percy Jackson” books. Right now I like Dan Brown, though.

What was your favorite episode to film and why?

I think my favorite episode was probably — did you guys see the ones where we went up into space? Yeah, that was probably my favorite one. We had to float and pretend like it was zero gravity, and it was just such a weird, weird experience because we’re in a set on the ground, a space station set, and you look out and it’s not space. It’s just a green screen, then they filled in later with whatever.

What will happen when you’re too old to play Kid Danger?

I guess the Kid Danger will have to retire. Or maybe he’ll become Captain Man and then he’ll take on that role. I think that was kind of what they said up in the beginning of the show. I was like, Captain Man is kind of training Kid Danger to eventually take over as the main superhero.

Do you hang out with other actors off set when you’re not acting?

I actually like to spend time alone, and I don’t really like to spend time with other actors. Not that there’s anything wrong with them, I just more like being alone.

Have you tried going out in public in costume and did anything interesting happen?

I’ve never done that. I’ve never gotten the opportunity to. Maybe me and Cooper [Barnes] will do that one day. That’s a good idea, though.

Has there been an audition that you wanted to go, but you never got the chance to, and if so, why?

I really wanted to audition for Spider-Man. I actually could have done it, but I was working, so I didn’t get to officially do it. But it would have been awesome.

Is Miss Shapen [Jill Benjamin] mean in real life?

No. She also doesn’t have a weird-looking body either. They make her look weird and weird hair and makeup. They put literally pads to make her body look misshapen. Did you guys ever get that? That her name is Miss Shapen and she’s misshapen? I didn’t get it until Season 3.

Would you describe yourself as an indoor person or an outdoor person, and why?

Probably an indoor person because I like to sleep.

If you were the director of the show, how would you improve the show?

I don’t know. The fun thing is, the directors and me, we collaborate a lot on the character. So it’s already what I want it to be.

What sports are you interested in? And what were some of these sports that you would like to try?

I played lacrosse. I was middie. And that was really, really fun. I liked water polo for a bit, which was fun. Those were the sports. Soccer, lacrosse and water polo are what I played as a kid.

How do you want the show to end?

That’s a very good question. I think that Henry fulfilling the original prophecy of Kid Danger becoming Captain Man, and maybe something happens to Captain Man and he has to part ways with Captain Man, then whether it’s like something happens to him, or he just decides to retire, that would be the best way. But I don’t — that’s up to the writers. So I don’t really know.

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