Introducing the new high tea place the Secret Garden Tea Cafè & Gift Shoppe, filled with fun. On all the holidays, it has related themes with different decorations, and boys and girls alike will enjoy it. We got to order our own drinks and they were served in our own teapots.

We had lunch there on a Sunday. After we ordered our drinks, we went to the backroom and dressed up in fancy hats, necklaces and boas. These are unique and stylish for boys as well as girls to dress up in.

At the Secret Garden, they had a Children's Tea and an Adults' Tea. The teas are trays with two or three layers of food. On the Children's Tea, there is a tray with two layers. The bottom plate has peanut butter and jelly, turkey and grilled cheese sandwiches, cut in different shapes. On the top, there are scones and fruit. The Adults' Tea has three layers with the same food but more of it.

At the end, when we leave there is a mini gift shop where you can get tea-related things.This restaurant is special because it is run by a mother and daughter. Also when you sit down, you find a rose and a quote from a famous person.

This restaurant is at 225 Main St. in Port Jefferson. You can find it online at

The Secret Garden is a place for kids to mingle and sip tea. We recommend you go there because it is a good place for families.