Kidsday reporter Emmanuelle Kang displays one of her crafts.

Kidsday reporter Emmanuelle Kang displays one of her crafts. Credit: Colleen Lucie

Hobbies I enjoy are piano, writing, math, and swimming, but my favorite thing to do is crafts. I like to make miniature places like mini campsites out of paper, glue, string, and mini origami-like cranes and other animals. Crafting is very enjoyable for me because I make things that I can be proud of. Also, you can have fun by thinking of what to make and while you are making it.

I get ideas from the places I go and what I look at. One way I get ideas is by going to New York City to look at buildings and how they are shaped. Another way I get inspired is when I go on vacation and I get to see new places. For example, in Mexico, I saw Chichen Itza, a United Nations World Heritage site. Seeing this inspired me to make a tower out of cardboard.

I really enjoy crafting because it is very fun, and I feel satisfied when I am finished. Another reason I love to craft is because once I am done, it feels great to see what I have accomplished and what I like about it. This is why I like to craft.

Colleen Lucie’s fourth-grade class, Sousa Elementary School, Port Washington