Credit: Kidsday staff artist / Maggie Flaherty, Merrick

Have you ever cried in public? Most fourth-grade students in my school have.

I surveyed 48 kids and 40 of them said, yes they did. I will admit it, I was one of them! Eight students voted for no.

A lot of kids cry in public. Maybe it’s because someone pushed you to the floor, or you got into a fight with your siblings. Or maybe it wasn’t even a physical thing to cry over. Maybe someone hurt your feelings.

But it’s OK to cry in public, whether at school, a restaurant, a ballgame or at a movie. Some kids don’t like to admit that they cry in public. There are even some kids who have cried in public just to get their way and hope they can change their parent’s mind when they are at a store. Most kids found out quickly that it doesn’t often work. Other kids have cried when watching a movie in a theater.

Ursula Gavan and Gina Romano’s fourth-grade class, Sunrise Drive Elementary School, Sayville