FauxCabulary was created by Merrick resident Matt Nuccio. The party game is for three to seven players who compete to come up with the most creative word for something there's no word to describe. For instance -- that sticky substance on movie theater floors. For ages 13 and older, from Out of the Box; $29.99.

Scribbo is Bingo using words, for two to four players. Each player has two game grids. Each takes turns calling out a number and a corresponding letter that must go in that spot in a race to spell words. For ages 10 and older, from Winning Moves, $12.95.

Dabble is a race to spell words before your opponents do. Each player gets 20 tiles, arranged in rows on a rack: two tiles on the first row, three on the second, four on the third, etc. Players rearrange their tiles to be first to make a two-, three-, four-, five- and six-letter word. For ages 10 and older, from INI; two to four players, $24.99. Also can be downloaded as an app from the iTunes store, 99 cents for phone and $1.99 for iPad.


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