The usual pools and local water parks get boring after swimming all summer in the same ones. If you are one of the many kids wondering what to do in your last month of the summer, go to Zoom Flume. Zoom Flume is a water park in the Catskills for the whole family to enjoy, and no ride or pool gets old. They add something new each year, and all the old rides are a blast. It can be part of a great family weekend trip. As soon as you pull up you're ready to jump out of your seat to go inside.

There is a giant tiki man at the park: He shoots out water and then his eyes go red, and he says things. No matter where kids are when they hear his voice, they try to come over and get soaked.

Unlike at many water parks, there do not seem to be long lines at Zoon Flume. The wait for rides there seems to be only about one minute. My favorite ride is the Black Vortex. It is a tube that is pitch black until little lights come up at the end.

I also like riding the tubes in the Lazy River. There is still so much more to do. I didn't even name half of the rides. Also everyone loves the wave pool.

A lot of people need something to do over the last weeks of summer, so one idea is to go to Zoom Flume (; 91 Shady Glen Rd., East Durham, N.Y.; 518-239-6271).

Fighting summer frizz

Summer is really nice. The only bummer is frizzy hair. Chlorine, sunscreen and humid days make my hair a mess.

If you don't like your hair looking like a huge lion's mane, try to stay away from chlorine. When I went to camp, the pool was loaded with chlorine. On the way home on the bus, a kid asked, "What happened to your hair?"

I was determined to find a way for my hair not to frizz! The next day at camp, right after I got out of the pool, I sprayed my hair with anti-frizz spray and brushed it. I think that because my hair was still wet, the anti-frizz spray took all frizz out without a problem. My hair looked amazing.

Sunscreen also is horrible for my hair because it makes it frizz. For me, the only way for my hair not to get out of control at camp or the beach is to bring clips to hold it in place. Also, if you put sunscreen on your face, don't get it too close to your hairline.

Lastly, my hair gets frizzy on humid, rainy days. On those kinds of days, try to figure out a way to put your hair up. I usually do a braid or pigtails. That way, my hair doesn't frizz out on the bottom.

I hope the rest of your summer if frizz-free!

--Kidsday Reporter Hannah Jean

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