I love to go to Rocking Horse Ranch in Highland, N.Y. (rocking horseranch.com) because there is so much to do there in warm weather.

We usually wake up early and go down to the main dining room to eat a delicious buffet breakfast. After that, I pick up the itinerary at the front desk and start to plan our activities. There are so many things going on.

Some of the things I like to participate in are the water games, scavenger hunt, bingo and karaoke. Most of the time, my sister and I have fun at the indoor water park. It has a huge tube that wraps around outside, and then you land in a pool inside.

The most popular activity is horseback riding. You can choose from the beginner, intermediate or advance trails. One time, my mom and I went on a trail in the springtime and it started to snow. We were freezing. We couldn't wait to get back to the ranch.

We usually go down to an early dinner, and then see one of the many shows they have. We've seen magicians, comedians and illusionists. I was picked as one of the assistants in a magic show.

At the end of our stay, we usually are sad to be going home but look forward to our next visit to the ranch.

A cool cap for cold days

Have you ever wanted to wear your favorite NFL cap but it's too cold to wear it? If it does happen to you, then stand up and do a touchdown dance, because the dog cap (New Era caps; newera cap.com) is for you.

They call it the dog cap because it starts out as a regular hat. But when you take the Velcro off and strap the Velcro on the bottom of your chin, it looks like you're wearing the ears of a dog.

The new 59fifty style is great for the winter. The dog cap protects your head, ears, chin and cheeks. This hat is great to protect you from the cold, and it also looks really cool.

When you're playing outside on a windy day, the Velcro stays put, so the hat will always stay on, no matter how hard you play. This 59fifty cap comes with all 32 NFL team logos, so you can pick your favorite team.

--Kidsday Reporters Bryan Aracena, Nick Grosskopf and Michael Huff

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