Credit: Kidsday illustration / Julia Lopez, New Hyde Park

DEAR KIDSDAY: I am an 11-year-old boy and I have a problem running. I love to play basketball and baseball and go skateboarding. But I am not that good because I am a slow runner. What can I do?


DEAR SLOW: Some kids in this class have the same problem as you, and they think if you do more cardio exercises or practice running when you are not playing a sport, that might help. Some kids think you should join a track team! A few kids think you might need to spend less time on the computer or TV and more time playing, and in no time you will be in better shape. Most of all, we don’t think you should give up playing sports. You will get better if you stay at it, and we like that you try a lot of sports. Soon you will find the one sport you are really good at.

DEAR KIDSDAY: I am a 9-year-old girl and I like like a boy in my class. When I told one person, she spoiled it and told everybody. Now whenever somebody says his name, I blush like crazy. Everybody is teasing me and saying silly stuff. We are friends, and I think he likes me back. I want to show him that I like him, but I need help! What can I do?

Like Like Him

DEAR LIKE LIKE HIM: We think you have to tell him. If he is really your friend, it won’t be a problem. One kid says you should send him a text if you have a phone. Another kid says you should give him roses, and another kid said to give him a teddy bear. Some kids think you should just be friends, but talk about things that you have a similar interest in, such as sports, school or clubs. A few other kids think you are too young.

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