New York is not just known for Madison Square Garden. It is also known for another Garden. This is called Deery Garden, which is located in the family room of my house.

In Deery Garden there are two Plexiglas basketball hoops with metal rims. Here, fun basketball games are played with family and friends. The hoops are about 8 feet in the air, hanging on rafters. We play two 12-minute halves. The out of bounds are the walls and couches. The court is about 10 feet long and 15 feet wide. It is lit by 12 overhead lights. We use foam basketballs when we play. We play three-pointers behind the rafters. We call fouls just like the NBA. We don't dribble because the balls won't bounce. Many of the neighborhood kids play in Deery Garden. People who don't play watch the games on the couch. We also have three-point and foul-shooting contests.

Whenever you are bored, Deery Garden is the place to go to have fun.

Collecting Lego characters

I collect Lego Star Wars characters and have about 70 right now. I started collecting them in 2009. Even though I collect Lego Star Wars characters, I started collecting Lego pirate characters first.

I started with the pirate characters because those Lego sets and characters were easier to build than the Star Wars sets. After a month of building, it was a lot easier. I still collect the characters.

--Kidsday Reporter Maxwell Giuliano

Filling meals and fun at Kimball Farm

Kimball Farm ( is a fantastic place to go. I should know: I went there with my family, and we had a great time. They have four locations in New England.

You better be hungry because the serving sizes are huge -- if you have a burger and fries for lunch, be prepared to not eat dinner. They also have thick, creamy homemade ice cream that they are famous for. If you want to have the best ice cream you have ever tasted, you have to go to Kimball Farm. You can enjoy eating outside or inside.

There also are car shows, bumper boats, a mini golf course and even an indoor arcade. And there is a country store, where you can buy sweatshirts, jelly, maple syrup and even little glass ornaments. Trust me, you will have the time of your life at Kimball Farm.

If you are ever in Massachusetts or New Hampshire, you must stop in at one of their four locations. Come hungry, leave happy. Get ready to have some family fun.

--Kidsday Reporter Brian O'Regan

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