Saturday night, we went to the Best Buy Theater in Times Square to meet singer and actress Selena Gomez. Selena is a UNICEF ambassador, and this concert was in support of the U.S. Fund for UNICEF. We stayed for the show, and it was so much fun.

You're so kind to your fans. What do you do to keep connected with them?

As much as I can. Last year was interesting. I took a year off from music, so I felt a little disconnected being on set a lot. I tour, I do meet-and-greets, and I'm onstage, and there's not a better friend in the world than being onstage and connecting with them. That's the best way I feel you can connect.

You have such great style and so did your Disney character, Alex Russo, when you were on the show. Do you get to pick out your clothes?

I helped towards the end of the season, towards the third, fourth season. Alex actually inspired me to kind of add more layers and scarves and stuff. So towards the end of the season, I was kind of . . . I loved going into the wardrobe thing, and Alex just had an endless amount of clothes, and it just felt like dress-up all the time.

Do you like acting or singing more?

I don't know. It feels really good to be back in the music. Like I said before, I took a year off, so I'm kind of missing music, but I loved being in movies. I love doing things that were completely different than anything I've ever done before. So I enjoy both, I guess.

If you never started acting or singing, would there be anything else you would want to do?

Yes, if I didn't have any of it, I'd probably go to culinary school and learn how to be a chef. I love food, and I like eating. It would be nice to know how to cook incredible food.

How did you find your bandmates for your group?

Do you know what's so great? I've had them since the beginning. So they were there from "Falling Down" and "Naturally" to all of the rest of the records and singles. We've actually grown together, and they watched me grow up, and they've just been kind of protective and like brothers, and now my backup singers are with me all the time. It's just a big family.

How did you start your Dream Out Loud fashion line?

That was three years ago, and, like I said, I was obsessed with Alex, and I loved dressing up and adding different accessories, and I remember when I was younger I always wanted to go to Abercrombie or American Eagle, but I couldn't afford it because it was expensive for my family. So I wanted to make a line that was super fashionable and cool that kids could afford and still look kind of awesome. So I'm proud of the line.

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