Actor Bradley Steven Perry with Kidsday reporters, from left, Ranana...

Actor Bradley Steven Perry with Kidsday reporters, from left, Ranana Chernin, Josh Leeman, Richard Akilov and Eliana Schulman at the Marriott Marquis Hotel in Manhattan Credit: Newsday

We met Disney TV star Bradley Steven Perry at the Marriott Marquis Hotel in Manhattan recently. He stars as Gabe on the show, “Good Luck Charlie.”

How did you react when you got the part of Gabe in “Good Luck Charlie”?

I was thrilled. It was really fun, because I was at school. My mom came and picked me up. So I was like jumping up and down in the hallway of school. All the teachers were looking at me wondering what I was doing. And I had to leave right away because I had to go and start working. It was really funny because everybody was staring at me as I’m jumping up and down in the hallway.
Do you have a system for memorizing lines?

I try to go over my lines at night, so it’s the last thing on my mind and the first thing on my mind in the morning. I try to sleep on it. Not like literally put it on my pillow, but just try to remember it.
Do they really use twins to play the role of Charlie?

No, she’s actually just one baby. It’s just one baby, and it’s amazing. When we did the first ever episode, it was a twin, but then we got a different baby. It was weird because you would think it would be a twin, but it wasn’t. So we were kind of scared to think how is this going to go, what’s going to happen, but she’s been completely perfect.
How old were you when you started acting?

I think I was like 5. The way I got my first job: I think it was just like a normal audition. I was just auditioning and just got one. It was really cool.
What was it like working with Ashley Tisdale on “Sharpey’s Fabulous Adventure”?

That was really fun because she was like an older sister to me. So being able to work with her was really fun.
Do you still have time to play with your friends?

Yeah, I do. I play baseball, so I get to play with my friends all the time.
What’s it like working with PJ Jason Dolley, Charlie and Teddy ?

It’s so great because especially working with the little baby. Because literally she’s like a little person. It’s like the weirdest thing. You can talk to her and have a conversation with her, and it’s really cool, and everybody else on set is really great because they’re all so nice.

Do you get home schooled or have a tutor?

I’m home schooled. I’m actually kind of set school. We have a teacher on set . . . like my own personal teacher.

Are any of the situations on the show similar to your situations in your life?

Some things that have happened to Gabe, I don’t think would ever really happen to me, but definitely having like older brothers and sisters is definitely kind of like me. But otherwise, Gabe and I, he’s kind of different in the way, he’s more of a prankster. We’re kind of different in that situation.
Do you enjoy being well-known?

Yeah, it’s fun. It’s really fun.
Are your sisters annoying, or are they supportive?
My sisters are very supportive. They’ve had to miss a few things or go to a few things because of my acting. So they’ve been really nice to be able to support me.
Do you have time to spend with your parents and family?
Yeah, actually I’m on vacation right now in New York. I was on, and now I’m working today. I have a lot of time to spend with my family.
Will you have a starring role in “Sharpey’s Fabulous Adventure”?
Yes, I was the exact opposite of Sharpey. It was like the male version of her. It’s going to be really fun because I was wearing suits every day. It will be really fun to see that.