Paul "Triple H" Levesque stars in the film, "The Chaperone."

Paul "Triple H" Levesque stars in the film, "The Chaperone." Credit: AP Photo/Dave Allocca

If you want to see some of your favorite TV personalities then “The Chaperone” is the movie for you.

In the movie you will see stars such as Ariel Winter from “Modern Family” (she plays Alex Dunphy) and Paul Levesque or Triple H from WWE. In this adventure, you see a father and daughter relationship go from awful to awesome.

Triple H stars as Ray Bradstone, a former criminal who tries to make up for lost time with his daughter, Sally (Ariel Winter). With that desire in mind he volunteers to go on a field trip despite his daughter’s disapproval.

Ray’s goal seems to work until his old criminal “friends” show up with hopes of enticing Ray to go back to his old ways. Ray becomes involved whether he likes it or not when the stolen money is thrown in to the bus that takes the school group to New Orleans.

Believing that Ray has outsmarted them, they begin a big manhunt for Ray and the money. First just his old friends follow Ray, but then come the Louisiana police, who suspect Ray is also in on the crime. With all eyes on Ray, everything turns down hill with Sally, his life, and career, only to be saved by an unsuspected friend.

Since both stars have only a little acting experience, it makes it more enjoyable for kids. You see Ariel Winter who is only 12, play a convincing teen who is blocked off to her father’s attempts to be a better person.

Then there is Triple H, a six-foot, four-inch man, who tries to the friendly all-loving and caring guy. Although, the loving side of this character doesn’t come out, he does do things that will make little- to middle-aged kids howl in laughter. All in all, the characters performed to fit the needs of a kid-centered audience, especially considering this is one of the first major movies for both stars.

This would be a great movie for little children who are looking for an action movie. The ages range from 6-8 or 9. This would also be a movie if you have nothing to do on a rainy day or you just want to get out of the house. A lot of kids will like the movie; some may find it’s too young for them, or just not what they were looking for.

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