The Long Island Sports Hub is a multisport athletic facility at 165 Eileen Way in Syosset ( It's also known as The Hub.

It is a giant sports facility that has lacrosse, basic fitness, soccer, golf, gymnastics and dodgeball. It has two enormous fields, one that is 110 yards long and 35 yards wide and another that is 65 yards long and 35 yards wide. Giant curtains split the fields to host the different sports. You can have your birthday party there and possibly bar mitzvahs.

Peter LeSueur is the manager of The Hub. Peter was an All-American lacrosse player three times in high school and won a national championship for Johns Hopkins University. He played professional lacrosse for the Long Island Lizards and the New York Athletic Club (NYAC). He is also a certified strength and conditioning trainer. He is the perfect guy to run The Hub.

The Hub conducts different events throughout the year. Some examples are the Red Bulls clinics, various team tournaments and Long Island Lizards practice sessions.

Another thing The Hub has is a golf simulator. It allows you to simulate playing any course in the world and improve your swing. Many kids come to play and practice with the trainers from each sport.

Lacrosse is one of their larger attractions. It is a very aggressive and fun sport -- which LeSueur was a great at.

Gymnastics is also offered at The Hub. There are trainers that teach you flips, turns, tricks and all sorts of other cool things.

Finally, The Hub has basic fitness training. The staff can set up obstacle courses or just have you lift weights. You can take group or private lessons. Just for fun, you can also play dodgeball.

If you want to have a party, get in shape or just simply have fun, The Hub is the place to come. So take a shot and go visit the Long Island Sports Hub!

The night we visited the place, there were a bunch of lacrosse and soccer teams working out. The fields are huge, and they all have turf.

Watch our video interview

of Peter LeSueur at The Hub

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