Our school has entered the Annual Recycled Art Contest sponsored by the Town of North Hempstead. We have made some amazing creations just from using recycled products. This year, we made an alligator with spines and jaws and everything a real alligator has.

"We've decided to use egg cartons for this alligator," says Lakeville art teacher Monica Casazza. "We've also decided to make the jaws open and close" with this creation. Ms. Casazza and fellow art teacher Clifford Broffman got many Lakeville students involved. We hope to win because the alligator is nothing but perfect.

To make this project work, kids spent several weeks collecting all types of egg cartons and other products. We spent weeks coloring and designing. Teams of students then came down at recess times to form the alligator's head, torso and tail. The alligator's belly was then filled with old newspapers . . . lots of them! Students used a wide variety of odds and ends to create details (CDs and paper plate eyes, sweet potato bag tongue, etc.).

All entries were displayed at the Great Neck Arts Center. They will be traveling to the Capitol in Albany for an exhibit in the spring.

Game reviews: Pac-Man by Namco

I tested the game Pac-Man. It is amazing, but some kids might have a hard time with the joy stick. Still, they would most likely get the hang of it in a few minutes.

An interesting thing is there are more games than just Pac-Man, such as Dig Dig and the new Rally-X. So I thought that was interesting.

Even very young kids will like this game. You plug it into your TV and play! I really recommend getting it.

--Kidsday Reporter Joshua Wan

Bubble Guppies Nintendo DS

I played the Bubble Guppies Nintendo DS game (2K Play) with my 7-year-old sister, Amanda, because the game is really geared for her age group. Here's what she thought of the game:

It was really fun, and her favorite is a game like Angry Birds. The lunch box game is also a lot of fun and is the easiest game. There are six characters; her favorite is Oona.

Her least-favorite game is the racing one because it is too long. The hardest game is the racing game.

She said this game is worth buying in a store. This is a perfect game for little kids. So, if you're looking for a very good game for a little kid, get Bubble Guppies.

--Kidsday Reporter Rachael Rosenberg

CLASS OF THE WEEK: Thomas Hughes fifth-grade class, LAKEVILLE ELEMENTARY SCHOOL, Great Neck