Credit: Kidsday illustration / Desiree Clasen

The Super Bowl is one week away! Are you ready for the big game?

During the Super Bowl there are many traditions that families enjoy. It is a fun time to celebrate with friends and family. Many people choose to chill and just watch the game. On the other hand, lots of kids and adults use the game to organize a big party at their house. Even though our local favorites the Jets and Giants are "resting" this year, the game is still fun to watch.

Some kids like to decorate their TV room and then have lots of food such as pizza bagels, pigs in a blanket, homemade mac and cheese, wings, chips and guacamole, ribs, cupcakes, meatballs, and lots of great desserts.

Some kids may enjoy making sheet or blanket forts and rooting for their team from inside their fort. It doesn’t matter if you like football or not, it is a great time to celebrate and entertain with friends.

Jennifer Spaccaforno’s sixth-grade English class, North Country Road Middle School, Miller Place