Our school year ends this week. It is a time for happiness, and it is also a very sad time, too. I think most kids are tired of all reports, homework and especially the tests. They are just tired from all the studying. The school year is very long, too, so they look forward to the summer break.

Learning new lessons can be very difficult. On the other hand, kids might be sad. They will miss their friends over the summer. Also, they might miss friends who are moving. Kids always miss their teacher. Kids might miss fun games and activities that they did with their classmates that year. For example, kids might miss parties or field trips. Kids even might miss their classroom.

Kids who have birthdays during the school year get to celebrate their special day with their classmates, and that is almost always fun. It is an interesting time of year, but we know we don't have long to wait; in almost no time at all, summer will be gone, and we will be back at our desks.

Summer poll: Work or camp?

We took a survey of more than 130 kids in the fourth and fifth grade. We asked them how they would prefer their summer vacation. Would you rather go to a summer camp or have a job? Here is what I found out:

A job: 94

Camp: 36

I was really surprised with the results; so many kids wanted a job. They liked the idea that they could earn money and buy stuff such as clothes or video games. Some kids even said they would use the money to save up for college.

--Kidsday Reporter Julianne Esposito

We blog about books

We have a cool blog in our classroom. It is cool because you can write a review about books you read, and people who read the same book can respond to what you write.

For example, a student in our class did a blog on the book "Chasing Bocker's Tale." Two students in our class responded to it. Another blog we did was on the book, "The Secret Soldier."

A blog is fun because people can look at stuff you wrote. If they want to, they respond to it. Also, you draw your face on the left corner. On the bottom of the class book blog, there is a topic you have to write about. For example, there is "How would the story change if it took place in a different setting, such as long ago or in a different country?" or "If you were the author, how would you rewrite the story so that it ended differently."

Would you want a class book blog in your classroom? We're glad we had one this year.

--Kidsday Reporter Kayla Martinelli

CLASS OF THE WEEK: Anna Maria Montuori's fourth-grade class, PARLIAMENT PLACE SCHOOL, North Babylon

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