Kidsday staff artist Si Yue Jiang, Melville

Kidsday staff artist Si Yue Jiang, Melville Credit: Kidsday staff artist/Si Yue Jiang, Melville

We asked all the sixth-grade students at North Country Road Middle School if they would rather go to a warm spot, cold spot, or stay at home for winter vacation. With our winter break right around the corner, is it time to warm up or just enjoy the snowy, cold days a little longer? Here are our results:

Stay at home: 55

Warmer spot: 53

Colder spot: 28

As you can see, most students would like to stay at home for winter vacation. Some kids would even like to have a shorter vacation so they can end the school year earlier for a longer summer vacation. A lot of kids play sports during the winter, and this is a good time for tournaments. Some kids who want to stay home want to hang out with their friends. Other kids think the week off is not enough time to really enjoy some time away.

Fifty-three kids have had enough of winter and just want to get out of here, even if it is just for a short time. Meanwhile, kids who like skiing and snowboarding never really want the winter fun to end.

Jennifer Spaccaforno’s sixth-grade English class, North Country Road Middle School, Miller Place